Taco Lady

Jon here, ready to settle the age-old debate, answering the loftiest of lofty question “what’s the best thing about the Westside?”

The answer? Taco Lady!

Many citizens are unaware that on McReynolds Ave, between 4th and 5th streets, the best tacos and mexican themed street food known to man can be had. Only open Friday/Saturday/Sunday evenings, you know when she’s serving up the goods because her cart will be out, you can just walk right up and place your order. She’ll cook it up fresh right on the spot and if you don’t speak any Spanish, no worries, her son is there to take your order.

The Taco Cart

The Taco Cart

Feel free to take a seat at the family picnic table, or take it to go, but You Will Not Find Better Tacos. Steak, chorizo, spicy pork, and lengua make for some interesting choices. Her homemade “huarache” are a must order too. They’re like oversized tacos and once you pour that delectable homemade salsa all over, you can’t put it down.

Taco Lady is also known as Señora Gonzalez, not the fake name that I make up, and her family is always hanging out when she’s cooking the goods. Its great to hang out and mingle with the neighbors yet usually everyone just ends up watching her perform cilantro-infused magic.

I’ve been a patron of her taco cart for a couple of years now and routinely blow peoples’ minds when I take them over there. I can’t recommend it enough.

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