Where I “LivedWest” in May


The Month of May has come and gone and our hyperlocal experiment, LiveWest, has now wrapped up.  Just as we had hoped, new discoveries were made and we’ve added a few establishments to our regular Westside rotation.

Not only have I enjoyed shopping/eating/drinking at new places, but I’ve also enjoyed sharing about my experiences on this website, our Facebook fan page and Twitter.  Although LiveWest is “officially” over, I look forward to sharing future suggestions as we continue to live local.

While I didn’t do a very good job of tallying $’s spent over the month, I did keep a rough list of businesses that helped me LiveWest.  In no particular order, here they are with Street name in parenthesis (be gracious, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few):

  • Sandy’s Donuts (Leonard)
  • Hub’s Inn (Leonard)
  • Subway (Fulton)
  • The Bitter End (Fulton)
  • Big Apple Bagel (Lake Michigan Drive)
  • Ralph’s Food Market (Leonard)
  • Duthler’s Family Foods (Bridge)
  • J&H Family Stores (Walker)
  • Speedway (Leonard)
  • Freewheeler Bike Shop (Leonard)
  • Nawara Brother’s Hardware (Fulton)
  • B.C. Pizza (Lake Michigan Drive)
  • New Great Wall Chinese Buffet (Leonard)
  • Subway (Leonard)
  • Wenger’s Bowling (Leonard)
  • Broadway Bar (Broadway)
  • Salvatore’s Italian Restaurant (Stocking)
  • Big Boy (Pearl/Lake Michigan Drive)
  • Brann’s Sizzling Steaks and Sports Bar (Leonard)
  • Alpine Rent-All (Alpine)
  • Frank’s Market (Fulton)
  • National Supermarket #2 (Fulton)
  • Parkside Foods (Fulton)
  • Westsider Cafe (Walker)
  • Walker Pharmacy (Walker)
  • Fulton Pharmacy (Fulton)
  • DeVries Jewelry (Leonard)
  • Supermarcado Michoacan (Leonard)
  • Holiday Bar (Stocking)
  • Mercury Bar/Monarch’s Club (Stocking)
  • Adobe In & Out (Fulton)
  • Chicago Style Gyro’s (Leonard)
  • Ali’s Diner (Fulton)
  • Dairy Queen (Walker)
  • Ball Park Floral (Fulton)
  • El Granjero (Bridge)
  • Flashback (Leonard)
  • Second Chance Clothing (Leonard)
  • Captain Bizarro’s (Leonard)
  • The Big Chipper (Wealthy)

Believe it or not, we didn’t use up our life savings in May.  In fact, we found that shopping at local grocery stores and doing it on a more regular basis caused us to be more intentional about what we were buying, resulting in “fresher” meals and less waste.

Stay tuned for additional re-caps, including 5 Best LiveWest Discoveries and 5 Things We Missed.

Sandy's Donuts on Leonard near Covell


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