WelcomeWest is a neighborhood movement connecting the people and assets of the Westside of Grand Rapids.

WelcomeWest is the driving force behind WinterWest and LiveWest.

WinterWest is a celebration of Winter in West Michigan! The inaugural WinterWest was held in 2011 at Richmond Park on Grand Rapids’ Westside. It consisted of a series of events aimed at getting people out to enjoy the weather!

LiveWest is a month-long tangible expression of our mission – it is a challenge to discover some of the hidden gems of the Westside by, for the month of May, spending every dollar possible within the Westside boundaries. The purpose of LiveWest is to create space for individuals and business owners to interact around the idea of intentionally building a strong and vibrant community; to encourage involvement in Westside neighborhood organizations and business districts; and, to raise awareness of locally spent dollars, and show the importance and power of purchasing from local establishments.