LiveWest is a month-long tangible expression of this mission – it is a challenge to discover some of the hidden gems of the Westside by, for the month of May, spending every dollar possible within the Westside boundaries. The boundaries are the river to the East and South, and the Grand Rapids City limits to the West and North.

Anyone is welcome to join this challenge Рjust tweet with the hashtag #livewest and your tweet will show up on the website. Please keep tweets appropriate and with the spirit of LiveWest!  You can also post on our Facebook fan page.

What is the purpose of LiveWest?

- To have fun uncovering some of the hidden gems and assets of the Westside and cast a spotlight on them.
- To create space for individuals and business owners to interact around the idea of intentionally building a strong and vibrant community.
- To encourage involvement in Westside neighborhood organizations and business districts.
- To raise awareness of locally spent dollars, and show the importance and power of purchasing from local establishments.

Sponsorships are available; contact if interested in exploring a way to become a sponsor or having your business highlighted. You can also support LiveWest by donating online.

Below is an excerpt from a study compiled by LISC MetroEdge. The study highlights the business districts of Grand Rapids, noting the buying power of the community and how much money leaves or comes into the neighborhood for different services or goods. Here are links to the business districts on the West Side:

South West, Stockbridge, West Fulton, John Ball Park District

West Leonard and West Grand District

LISC MetroEdge Profiles Highlight Grand Rapid’s Urban Markets

Published: September 25, 2009

Project Overview
The Grand Rapids Market Area Profiles are all about discovering potential: the potential within neighborhood commercial market areas. Each profile is a concise snapshot showcasing new-found perspectives about neighborhood-serving investment opportunities outside of downtown.

LISC-MetroEdge and Michigan LISC convened the Neighborhood Commercial Market Profiles Task Force to provide guidance on the compilation of information and trends.

The Grand Rapids Market Area Profiles are a decision-support tool. Local community groups can use the Profiles to plan for information-led development, business retention, and business recruitment.
Source: LISC MetroEdge, Chicago, IL